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Why You Should Choose ArmorCoat For Your Next Exterior Paint Job

Your home’s exterior needs more than “just a coat of paint”. An exterior paint needs to improve curb appeal, protect your home against the elements, and look great for years to come. ArmorCoat is the smart alternative to paint provided exclusively by Permanent Painting & ArmorCoat dealers. With brawn and beauty, this product is developed using industry-leading technology and superior raw materials to provide the best looks and best protection possible for your home or business’s exterior.

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Your Top Quality Exterior Paint Provider

The quality of your exterior paint provided exclusively by Permanent Painting & ArmorCoat dealers  means so much more more than just good color. ArmorCoat is a superior bonding primer, sealant, and exterior coloring product. This unique alternative to traditional exterior paint allows for fast drying, unequaled adhesion, beautiful appearance, and long lasting durability. Formulated and engineered by two of the industry’s leading manufacturers, you can trust this superior exterior painting product to protect and preserve your home or business.


Superior Bonding Primer

Superior Bonding Primer for All Surfaces

Complete with a fast-dry formula, ArmorCoat’s superior bonding capabilities make for maximum adhesion on nearly any surface. Our advanced technology resin particles are 30 times smaller than traditional primers, meaning you’ll get a virtually inseparable bond.

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Flexible Tough Sealant-Exterior Painting

Flexible and Tough Sealant For All Temperatures

Our unique urethane water-based sealant will protect your home’s exterior throughout a wide range of temperatures. The sealant expands and contracts during the hottest summer afternoons and the cold winter evenings, but still is tough enough to resist splitting and cracking.

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Superior Exterior Painting Product

ArmorCoat Exterior Painting System

Long Lasting Beauty with a 25 Year Product Warranty

Aside from ArmorCoat’s incredible durablity, our product also presents a beautiful finished product. With a soft satin sheen, maximum waterproofing protection, and exceptional breathability, this product is smart alternative to paint.

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Exterior Painting Coating System Testimonials

Great Crew, contractor was on site daily, Everyone was easy to work with, and details were explained in detail. Many color choices. Happy to recommend this product! […]
– Fort Walton Beach, FL
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We love how the house looks and have had so many positive comments from our neighbors. Great job thanks so much […]
– Euliss, TX
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Exterior Painting Coating System Reviews

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